The Need for a Google Workspace Coexistence Solution

End of G Suite Legacy Free Edition

Google announced its G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available starting July 1, and current users must upgrade to Google Workspace paid subscription.

The upgrade to paid edition would be an appropriate choice if budgets are available.

However, incase the allocated budgets only allows you to maintain key users on Google Workspace and the general users must be given a non-google workspace mailbox, then Logix has Google Workspace – Cloud Zimbra Coexistence to offer.

Google Workspace - Cloud Zimbra Suite Coexistence

With the coexistence solution, organization can retain their key users on Google Workspace and host the remaining users on Cloud Zimbra Basic Suite which is more economic.


Here’s an example of 500 users – Consider a case where all 500 users are using Google Workspace paid subscription and a second scenario where with the coexistence split strategy, organization can retain 100 users on Google Workspace and remaining 400 users hosed to Cloud Zimbra Basic Suite.

Google Workspace Coexistence With Cloud Zimbra Suite
compare table

50% Reduction in Total Ownership Cost

with the Google Workspace – Cloud Zimbra Basic Suite coexistence

Google Workspace Coexistence

Same Domain Name Sharing connecting two accounts

Seamless Mail-flow between Cloud Zimbra and Google Workspace

Mx record points to Google Workspace

Bundled Email Security (ATP) for Cloud Zimbra solution

Cloud Zimbra Basic Suite Deliverables

Bundled Email Security

Integrated premium Advanced Threat Protection to secure Cloud Zimbra mailbox

Mailbox Quota 

Cloud Zimbra users have the flexibility on the domain level space allocation

Email feature

Webmail / SSL enabled POP / IMAP / SMTP / Smartphone Sync (Gmail) etc

Real-time Collaboration

Users can avail features like Instant Messaging, Audio-Video Meeting, File Sync and Share

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